eddy styx, the pseudonym of C. M. Mattison, writes poetry for various web sites and magazines, as well as the Book of Styx - Second Edition, the Book of Styx II, and The Book of Styx, collections of eddy styx's poetry, the latter of which is described by Sam's Dot Publishing Bookstore as:

The Book of Styx is new wave avant-garde poetry that intersects the realities of two worlds: ours, and the Other. The things we dare not think and do, Eddy Styx [the alter ego of C. M. Mattison] revels in. The poetry is a novel way of exposing our human foibles so that we might wallow in them. After all, we can do what we want in the Other, because it's not really
real . . . is it? Styx/Mattison's poetry has been likened to that of an evil Kendall Evans.