Book of Styx - Second Edition

The Book of Styx - Second Edition is a collection of dark poetry in the setting of howling winds and eerie landscapes. The art comes from the murky imagination of eddy styx. eddy styx is the male, murderous, alter ego of C.M. Mattison. He has a flare for murder, mayhem, madness and poetry. His poetry will take you to a different world of shadowy reality within the dank, gloomy alleyways of his mind; his reality, where ghosts still walk and the dead have voice and speak, not always in whispers. He invites the reader to enter into this grim world, all of which is in his fevered mind. He is quick-witted and deadly accurate with his switchblade knife. When he takes on the project of murder, there is none like him in dedication. He is a modern day "Jack the Ripper." His poetry explores the delicate balance between life and death. With a deft mind, he will take the reader on a macabre journey of a lifetime.

The Book of Styx - Second Edition includes all the poetry found in the Book of Styx, along with new poetry from eddy styx.

See a sample of the works of eddy styx from the Book of Styx - Second Edition here.

Book of Styx II

The Book Of Styx II continues the adventures and exploits of eddy styx. Book II further examines, in poetry, the life and times of this madman and modern day "Jack the Ripper". He is a friendless loner with murder and mayhem in his heart and soul. Beginning in early childhood, his tree grew bent and twisted. This book takes his fantasies a step further down the road of creatively expressive insanity. Allow your senses to gorge on the vivid descriptions of his various delights and torments.

See a sample of the works of eddy styx from the Book of Styx II here.

Book of Styx - First Edition

The Book of Styx is new wave avant-garde poetry that intersects the realities of two worlds: ours, and the Other. the things we dare not think and do, eddy styx [the alter ego of C. M. Mattison] revels in. The poetry is a novel way of exposing our human foibles so that we might wallow in them. After all, we can do what we want in the Other, because it's not really real... is it?

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